Going Public – Have you?

I am approaching the 1st anniversary of my official stage I multiple myeloma diagnosis. So far (and to my knowledge), only family, a few co-workers and some random people in my community know I have cancer. I was thinking of posting this anniversary on my Facebook status on April 16th. Is this a good or a bad idea? My reasons?

  • Well, I don’t really care who knows anymore. 
  • I would like to bring about some MM awareness.
  • Surviving cancer for a year is a good thing.

Now, I realize that something like this would really publicize my health situation. I may not be considering all of the potential implications here, so I ask you, dear readers – should I or shouldn’t I? When did you decide to go public with the news, or if you don’t have MM, when did your loved one go public (or did you/they)? You can either comment publicly to this post, or send me a private email. The link is on the right.