Goals and Gladness

It’s funny how time changes when everything is centered around one goal.  Mom and I had to look at a calendar yesterday to figure out what day it was.  We needed to know yesterday was Thursday, not 48 hours till chemo bag removal, not nineish days until I need to shave my head, not 3 days until my growth factor shots begin.  But that is the positive:  we have goals to meet and they will be met with a positive attitude and gladness in my heart.

Even though my journey is relatively new, I’ve met some amazing people here.  I’ve spoken with myeloma survivors of 15+ years.  These survivors have been with Dr. Barlogie for the whole of their treatment.  If you look up the statistics online, multiple myeloma patients are not typically given that kind of goal.  It’s expected here, though.  You can see it in the survivors faces, in the way you are treated by the incredible nursing staff, by the no-nonsense manor of my doctor. He will cure me, he says.  That’s the goal.  No questions asked.

So while chemotherapy is making me a little ‘muddy headed’ and not feel that great, I am positive where this journey will take me.  I have about 8 more months of living between Oklahoma and Arkansas this year.  After that, then 3 years of maintenance chemotherapy and bone strengthening at home with approximately a months worth of testing in Arkansas each of those 3 years.  Then my time shrinks to a week spent here each year, then I will have yearly blood tests to make sure my monster is truly gone.  That’s my goal.

That is my goal.  That and making sure that every day is lived with gladness in my heart.  Gladness that I’ve found a place that makes me know I’m a part of the big picture.  The goals being accomplished at the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy are changing the outcome of this nasty, nasty cancer.  Something I can be crazy proud of!

‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in Hope.’  Romans 15:13