Go Revlimid 10mg! You ARE My Magic Pill

Hi Everyone!
I received some VERY good news yesterday regarding my recent blood work assessing my current status on the 10mg Rev + 20mg Dex cycle!!!

Last post I lamented about Revlimid’s static effect and feared ineffectiveness this go-round. But I am so happy to report that my results show my Myeloma NUMBERS ARE MOVING DOWNWARD!!! (Some CBC’s and white counts not terrific, but my ol body is battling!) Yiippeee!!! Time for some “pony-pal” adventures on a “good day” !!!

IgA moved from a high of 1400 as recent as March, to a skinny 780 this month!!! That’s a little LESS than 2x the high end of normal as measured by 70-400mg/dl . So thank you very much Revlimid + Dex, etc!!! I like our new relationship :)

Additionally, my M-Protein did the downward slide too!
From 0.99 in March, to 0.78 this month!

These may not be giant slides down the brewing Myeloma volcano, but hey I’ll take any movement in the right direction, while still being able to maintain my “quality of life” and not be on mega-doses, or new doses with new side effects!!!

No doubt, everyday brings many physiological challenges for me, and my immune system is still really compromised, but I count my blessings and do what I can, when I can. I’ve learned to eat like a horse on the good days, knowing my GI issues will attack me on the other days. I’ve learned to change days or skip meds if I have an important event to attend, not to mention, not eat much at all, if I HAVE to be away from my bathroom!

Case in point:   I entered my cute lil Bucket list Bug in my first ever car show! I absolutely dreaded and feared the line up at 7:30am!!! So I barely ate on Saturday, and didn’t eat at all on show-day-Sunday, until the afternoon, AFTER the show was over! Also I didn’t take meds on Friday or Saturday so I would be ok for Sunday’s show. Sssshhhhh don’t tell I did that!!! But seriously, this is what I mean by QUALITY OF LIFE choices!!!

Here we are getting parked and settled in
 My darling partner in crime Kelly 
with her sweet Challenger
Huge thank you to my friends at Impression Auto Salon
for my Bug’s super “spa treatment”! BabyBlue’s shine is blinding!
 Wow! there were over 200 stunning cars
lining the streets in Old Town

 Jim, me and Scott

 Thank you Lauren for this adorable surprise!
This T says it all :)
And so I say good-by to June, reflecting on all my June milestones since 2010. This time 4 years ago, I had completed 6 grueling months of Rev + high dose 40mg Dex, recovered from IV Cytoxan’s awful effects on me, was attempting to get used to my central line Hickman catheter, my hair was beginning to thin, I had completed 2 weeks of Neupogen injections in prep for my Auto Stem Cell Apheresis, and I was packing for my July stay at City of Hope for my Autologous Stem Cell transplant… little did I know what was ahead of me…
Cheers to Revlimid being my Elixir this month… we’ll see what July brings… but until then, live life fully each day, smile, breathe, laugh, and never forget the “glass is (most) always half full” in my book, and I hope in yours too!
Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something as often as you can!