Go jump off a bridge!

Or not as the case may be. Mike spotted last week that Myeloma UK are holding a sponsored abseil off the Forth Rail Bridge to raise funds. It turns out that his family used to visit relatives in Edinburgh and as a child he had always wanted to go up there rather than stand at the bottom and watch the man painting it on his little seat on a rope. So Mike of course called them up and asked if he could, as a Myeloma patient, take part. The nice lady on the other end of the phone said “oh, well, I’m not sure whether it is advisable or not. I’ll have to speak to a colleague and call you back.” A minute later he got a call saying that if he signed a disclaimer and got a letter from his consultant then yes he could take part.  

It just so happened that yesterday afternoon Mike had an appointment to see the rather marvellous Dr SB so after the pleasantries of everything is still under control and you are doing better than I expected (the later more implied than said) Mike raised the issue of the letter. I’ll skip the conversation that followed and simply say Dr SB won’t be dictating to his secretary any time soon.  He did say “can’t you find a safer way to raise money? Surely there has got to be an easier way?”

Mike reckons he just wants to keep his favourite guinea pig alive, which I wholeheartedly agree with.