Gladdens my heart

B with feeding tube carried in a pack on his backB laying sand on walkways
The two photos of my brother-in-law, B working at his garden, carrying sand to fill and level the bricked walkways, truly gladdens my heart.
Since the end of last year, he had difficulty swallowing. His esophagus narrowed, his stomach was removed to form the esophagus when cancer required it to be excised.
Now he has a tube inserted through his nose to the stomach for hydration and food, 24/7. I am sure in the beginning it must have been difficult and a challenge to get use to this kind of feeding. But knowing B, full of courage and perseverance, he adjusted to this “new normal”. He is not the kind to gripe, whine or complain when he sees his family eating at the table, while he sits on his lounger. No, this man is strong in spirit! He has determination! He has put on 7 kg!
Praise the Lord!

Looking at these two photos, fills my heart with joy and gladness.
Really, cancer cannot rob us of life! We have many brilliant doctors and nurses who can help us to manage the cancer and live with it. Be thankful, never give up hope.
Let’s live each day joyfully; bless and speak kindly to our loved ones and people we meet. Give cheer.
When we bring joy and gladness to others, we are living purposefully and it is pleasing to our Lord!

Thank you, B! You are an inspiration to me!

Psalm 115:16-18
“The highest heavens belong to the LORD