Give us this day our daily paprika

WCK goes to a Catholic school, and for the last few weeks the first-graders have been learning the Our Father prayer. They made a little book where they illustrated each phrase of the prayer. I’m sure you’ll agree, no matter what your religious beliefs, that my child has turned the Our Father into the most darling prayer of all time. You will never hear the Our Father again without thinking of the drawings and going, “Awwww!” in your head. Here are just a few examples of the darling-ness.
See how darling?

Even more darling!

Oh, super-darling!

WCK explained to me that in the above “Thy will be done” picture, everyone had to draw themselves doing a good deed. Here, she is helping Jay shovel snow, which is certainly a good deed for Mommy, who is most likely inside the warm house, quietly checking Facebook. When I asked her why she always draws Jay with gray hair (because she’s done it before), she said, “Because the white crayon won’t show up!”
HAHAHA! OK, I shouldn’t laugh. Jay is a year younger than I am.
Anyway, the page in the book that really made me laugh was “Give us this day our daily bread.” They were supposed to find magazine photos of “daily bread”, which I’m guessing meant daily necessities, such as food or clothing:

So, according to my child, daily necessities include paprika, a sparkly shirt covered in sequins, and canned ravioli. But it’s not just any canned ravioli, it is “BIG” ravioli. Our God is a generous god.