Give me a break?

I’m over the moon at the moment. Yesterday, my plaster cast was taken off my foot, and, to my delight, I haven’t even had to have an aircast boot put back on! It sounds like the bone is healing nicely (we didn’t look at the old break!) and he was happy IMG_0974for me to slowly build up my strength in it again. So the crutches have been discarded and I’m on the go again! I’ve even started driving short distances although am a bit wary of doing longer distances for a few days in case anything happens. The only thing is that I have to wear walking boots to do long walks for a while…… I didn’t ask about netball. I don’t want to know! I am desperate to get back to it, and am hoping that perhaps in a couple of weeks, my foot will feel strong enough to at least play a quarter of a match. Not that the team wants the responsibility of me getting it wrong, so I think I’ll have to be more sensible than I might like!

I am so lucky to have had such amazing friends though. Since I broke my foot, I have had great friends taking me to work, picking me up from work and helping wherever else they can. And poor Nick, who has recently had the luxury of a little more time from work, has spent most of his time running me or the kids around, doing shopping or other chores, or generally being my dogsbody. And most of the time he has done it with the most amazing grace! I owe him, and the others, big time. I hate taking help from people but have had no choice with this. It was worse in many ways than when I had my transplant…then I could force myself to do stuff even if it laid me up afterwards. This time, I couldn’t even drive. I lost ALL of my independence…and anyone who knows me will know how that will have affected me! But as always, I just feel blessed to have such fab friends!

So here’s to things in life starting to look up in the Gascoyne family! There is lots that could go wrong (Nick has just taken redundancy, the house is back on the market, my mum’s final coroners report is next week and there is the obvious black mark over us with my myeloma) but I feel like it is our time for things to start going right after a pretty torrid 6 months! I think we are both using this time to focus on what we really want and I hope that we’ll both make the right decisions, both workwise and personally. We normally do pretty well, so hopefully this will keep going!! Life is too short to make the wrong decisions or to be unhappy!