Geysir Immersion

What more appropriate reading matter to accompany a knitting project called “Geysir Stretch” than a book sub-titled Strangers in Iceland?

My weekend has been a knitterly immersion in the latest Stephen West shawl pattern, part of his Choreo KAL project.

After the usual Saturday chores, I settled down to knit, breaking off only to walk the dog in the top woods.  FL came too.  It’s been a while since he felt able to walk through the trees.  The path is often hazardous in the half-light, with unexpected branches plucking at our hats from above and boot laces from below.

And today?  More knitting, more reading. Blueberry spelt muffins and a hot drink.
There is a venison and root vegetable stew in the slow cooker and the house smells of the port and prunes I hid in the depths of the sauce.
If this is winter, I don’t mind.