Getting ready to go camping.

Next week we are going to camp at New Brighton State Beach. It is a great campground but extremely hard to get into since it’s right near Santa Cruz and on the bluffs above the ocean. It has showers and nice bathrooms. I made these reservations @ 6months ago.

Right now you couldn’t get in even all the way through September maybe even October. We’d still like to buy a hardbody light weight trailer, but out tent trailer will have to do.

I just need to get some food ready and that’s it. Even with food ,we’ve learned to just go to the store and get what we need. It’s not like we’re out boondocking.  WE’re going to take the cruiser bikes as Santa Cruz has an incredible bike path along the ocean. Or it’s above the ocean but very nice.

My labs came in for the SPEP and light chains and they are GREAT!!!! I have no detectable m spike and the ratio of the light chains is better than before at 1.17

I am so happy and I do want to do this next cycle of Velcade to at least have 2 cycles with no m -protein. I think that’s wise but I will see what my doctor says at the end of April.

Yesterday was Costco and I got what I needed plus the sale items. I also bought 2 beach towels that were also on sale and we needed some new ones.  Today, I going to town mostly for cat food which seems to be ongoing… cat food…bird food… chicken food…