Gave my APN a little scare yesterday

Just doing my job, keeping her on her toes!

Seriously, I'm 100% fine, but I guess she wasn't really listening when I told her blood pressure was going to get low. I had already caused the blood pressure machine to beep it's warning the day before (right on schedule as I had already told them to order fluids for me that day). The liter of fluids helped immensely and I went on my way. Yesterday I was actually feeling a little better but the blood pressure machine again showed me dangerously low, and my pulse was racing to compensate. 166! Yowza. This got my APNs attention real fast. I tried to assure her this was pretty standard for me and it would come down once I got the fluids, but she still seemed quite worried. It's her job to be worried so I understand. Luckily things did settle down, but it not enough for me to escape taking an infusion pump of fluids home last night. Better safe than passed out! The funny thing is though that I never feel dizzy even when my BP is a ridiculous 86/47.

Other than the blood pressure issues, I'm feeling pretty good. No major issues and the chemo fog has lifted. Just waiting for my counts to drop and staying out of the heat. I'm glad my taste buds have normalized a little because for some reason it was sweet things I couldn't tolerate this time…and a pint of Ben an Jerry's was impatiently waiting for me in the freezer. Red Velvet Cake = heaven.

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