Gardens May 13, 2018

I cannot get over how wonderful Hay Bale Gardening is!  My tomatoes are planted in 2 hay bales.  I surrounded the bales with green beans and wax beans.  They’re very happy.

Dom’s banana peppers are flourishing in the soil.

I didn’t bother taking a picture of his 2 hay bales.  His tomatoes are pathetic.  They’re alive but wimpy.

I bought my 2 bales at a local feed/seed joint.  Cheap.

He procrastinated.  The only bales that he could find were “Premium” hay bales at the Tractor Center.  $$$$$   These things were so dense that we had difficulty planting.  I think that the roots are having problems growing.

So… we’ll have plenty of cherry tomatoes, cheese and onion stuffed banana peppers wrapped with bacon and beans!