Fundamental error?

Okay so I made a fundamental error. Any of you out there who are crafty will know that: 

  • Four weeks isn’t enough time to make everyone a present.
  • You can’t make biscuits or sweets a month in advance unless you can freeze them (my freezer is teeny tiny and full). 
  • I’m not fast enough at doing stuff these days.
That doesn’t mean I am giving up, it just means I will have to wait a couple of weeks and then go on a made cooking spree (I have more chance with edible presents than I do knitted / crocheted / sewn.)

The plan is:
  • Chocolate truffles (various flavours).
  • Toffee (various flavours).
  • Coffee cups (can I really temper chocolate?!?)
  • Cranberry and white chocolate cookies (they are divine).
  • Pebernødder (done these before and Toni loves them).
I just have to be patient now.