Fun With My PCB Gang ….. again!

Had another great 2 weeks on the beach.  This time around, pal Patricia drove in from Tennessee.
Just as she arrived, Keith and Lauren came over…..we had great fun playing ladder golf, swimming in our crystal-clear water, and having a grand time.
The highlight of the night was launching 7 or 8 “trance lanterns” .  The crowd went wild.  They were a big hit.  I just ordered twenty more.  (as well as an Amazon Fire TV, now that we finally have a good strong internet connection!)
During her visit, we were joined by my pal Jamison….a bartender across the street at Beach Bar and Package.

We hung out at the usual haunts…. Dee’s Hangout is our favorite.  Had a wonderful dinner, as usual.  I finally snagged a picture of the owner, Brenda.  She’s an absolute doll, as is her husband Dee.  Dee’s Hangout  I can’t recommend this place enough!

I was given a gift certificate for a sushi restaurant.  We had a delicious meal.  I was absolutely uncomfortably full from my spicy tuna roll.  Our charming waiter asked if we would like dessert.  I groaned, and said, “no more room, honey”.  He smiled and walked away.
A few minutes later he said that he had just gotten a shipment of delicious oranges and put a plate down in front of me.  Yep….. Miss Piggy polished it off!

After Patty went home, I stuck around another 4 days and enjoyed the water.  I was so pleased….. other years, mid July and August brought alot of seaweed.  Not this year.  It was very minimal, and was just at the shoreline.

As much as it pained me to leave, I had to get home for Dom’s birthday.  We had wonderful filets, mushrooms and baked potatoes.  Along with a visit from this little girl…… first time we’ve seen her without her mother.  My raccoon buddies are getting jealous!