Fun With David

Dear lifelong friend, Dave stayed with us for a few nights in Panama City Beach.

He’s as healthy, slim and handsome as ever.

We had a blast.  We ate out for breakfast on Wed. morning, then headed to Pier Park for a couple of hours.  We went to a really neat place….  “Wonder Works”.  I thought that it was gonna be a goofy “kids” place.  Maybe it was, but we sure enjoyed it!  Stopped for a quick beer at a place new to us….Dat Cajun Place, then headed to Dee’s Hangout for a great dinner.  (As usual….they remain the best joint on the beach…wonderful food, friendly staff….can’t be beat).

Dave got an early start on Thursday morning to attend a Time Share thing.  He scored a $100 American Express Card and a free week at any of their properties. When he returned to the condo, we headed over to Dave & Busters for the first time…. The place looks like a casino…full of video games.  LOVED IT!

Had dinner at Carrabba’s courtesy of Dave’s Time Share gift.  Lovely place.  Great food.

Headed home so that the boys could watch some car racing, then went to bed early.

Sadly, my David left around 5am on Friday morning.  

It tickles me that my 2 favorite boys get along so well.  We’re trying to convince him to come for a visit when it’s warmer in May or June.  Hoping so!