Last week, I was talking to a fellow mm-er on the phone and she was telling me she was feeling depressed since re-started on med and DEX! Has since stopped dex as it is making her miserable – anxiety and sleeplessness. Don’t we all know. But all that happening with news that two from our mm support group have passed on! Sad. One of them we met often and talked. The last time we saw him, he was cheerful and recounted his battle with an episode of severe infection of “flesh-eating” bacteria which devoured a large part of his thigh. We thought he recovered well but probably the underlying myeloma has weakened his immune system badly. Just did not expect it to be so sudden. It is seeing them two months ago and now they are gone! So the friends we meet at the waiting area, we talk and share our lives and moments, treasure the memories, who knows if we will meet again at our next medical appointment.