Friday updates, budget, dental….

I got the clear splint on Tuesday and it’s pretty good. He took impressions for the Invisalign so that will be in @ 3 weeks he said. He didn’t say wether my jaw is back in place but my mouth opens ok although not super wide. I never open it wide anyway due to the jaw locking. So I don’t know. The splint definitely is moving my jaw forward which is what he wants. I called the insurance yesterday and there is a provision for TMJ  so I’m hopeful they’ll pay something toward the $6000. I called the dental office back, and they’re going to call and find out what they need to do. So that’s potentially good news.

My doctor appointment went well. He seems to think we should try the full dose of pomalyst and then evaluate. I’m okay with that but a little nervous about it dropping my WBC low. But I start tonight so we’ll see. Plus I’ll get a blood test next Friday, a week in, to see if they’re going to low. I’d love this to work as its much easier to take a pill than drive 50 minutes for a shot and IV . But for now this is it.

we committed to the roof but want to wait till September 1st or so. I think it’s smart to do since the roof is 20 years old.

Budget wise, it’s okay. I paid off one of the medical from the bone marrow biopsy, and have more to pay on the bigger one. I went to Safeway the other day for bagels as that’s all my son wants for breakfast ,oh and he wanted cold cereal, and ended up spending $90. Actually I thought that was pretty good. I haven’t been shopping too much since my dental stuff but now I will. Our water and electric are down from last year so that’s good. I’m not saving much but am throwing some extra into santa fund and I can use that extra for property tax which comes out in November. With the santa fund you can’t get it till then so kinda a good idea. Still working on retirement numbers, but a lot depends on will my daughter help pay the mortgage at that time. She’s probably planning on staying here unless a full time library job opens up after she finishes her MLS. If she paid some, I think we would be able to swing it. In October we finish the modified loan from Obama ‘s HARP program . It’s been good but now the interest rate will go up some.

Overall, things are ok. I’m adjusting to not going to the library. I started to get some Life magazines on eBay and then stopped . It’s just too much of a pain. And I lose money on shipping because it’s hard to gauge it with magazines plus buying a mailer gets expensive. So I decided to just give to the goodwill. Someone will enjoy them. At one time ebay was so great, now it’s PITA.

its warm today around 99 so I’d better start closing some windows.image