Friday at Liverpool Royal

I had my appointment at Liverpool on Friday. I was expecting it to be with Edwina the transplant coordinator, but I first say a new doctor called Sabastian. We basically went through all of the things I had gone through in the past about the risks etc of the transplant and the survival rate afterwards. 20% – 30% survival during transplant and 15%-20% survival within the first year (that sounds much better than 70% – 80% chance of dying during transplant and 85% – 90% of Dying within the first year, don’t you think!)

Although I haven’t got and exact date yet, it said it would probably be the last week in September/ first week in October. Which probably mean mid October. Hopefully the soon the better though as I have to continue with the Velcade up to that point. We have agreed that I will stay on the Velcade on a weekly basis with the lower dose and I will put up with the Neuropathy that I have (I can manage the pain with the tablets and the new cream that seems to be starting to work) I’d rather put up with a bit of pain in my feet than for the Paraprotein to start to creep back up and it have been a waste of time for the last six or seven months.

I finally got the results back from my younger brother Nick to see if he was a match and he wasn’t; there is a one in four chance of him being a match. I’m luck that Nigel is a perfect match and arrangement have been made with Edwina on the 6 September and then a week later with Teresa who is the Haematologist that arrange for Nigel’s blood tests and bone marrow extract (I’m waiting to see if we can change the date of this appointment that was supposed to be on 15, but Nigel is at my Nephews Chris’s wedding in Southhampton, another wedding I can’t make it too Sad smile)

After my appointment we had arranged to meet Paula in Liverpool. I will post another message with some pics of that.

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