Free shirtless Joe doll with purchase

There was a suggestion on my Facebook page that I sell my Partridge Family game to a rich Baby Boomer and use the money to buy a New Kids on the Block board game. Oh my goodness, I thought. Is there such a thing?

A quick Google search revealed …


Hours of fun!

Plus, it’s for ages eight and up, so WCK could play with me. I know she would be super thrilled.

It’s an antique from 1990. Prices range from as high as $100 for a pristine, unopened game that you aren’t supposed to play with (and what fun is that?) to $15 for games that have a bit of wear. I think my favorite one was this $15 game I saw on Etsy, because the seller is throwing in a free Joe doll. Joe comes with his original jeans and hat, but the seller doesn’t know what happened to his shirt.

We all know this is the best $15 I could ever spend.

So if you’re a rich Baby Boomer who would like to purchase my Partridge Family game so I can justify purchasing a NKOTB game, please let me know. Shirtless Joe Doll could use a good home.