Four month Check up results

Thursday, February 9, 2012 3:38 PM, CST

Hello everyone,

Just met with the Doc and everything is still fine. He is pleased and said ” you are almost finished”.  He meant with treatments (I think). So I wanted to post asap, as many of you are anxious to hear.  STILL in remission!!!

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers !!!!


  • Not really surprised Alabama beat LSU on the repeat … what was surprising and quite an embarrassing moment for the school must be the post game interview with one of the Alabama players. I still do not know his name or what subject he spoke upon,. However, one can assure you he was NOT speaking the Kings English. Really a shame…where is he gonna work?? Maybe the TSA pat down line at the airport?
  • Once again the BCS is a farce. Alabama had 0 business playing for the national championship. As long as sports writers, coaches and committees continue to tell us who is # 1, then it will be a farce.  Kind of reminds me of the government.
  • continue to pray for our country…Obama care…we are finding what is really in it as we go. Nancy Pelosis’s brilliant statement still rings in my ear, from the speaker of the house podium during the vote, “Just pass it and we will find out whats in it later.” How right she was! This beat out Bill Clintons ” it depends on what is, is.”

Well enough… time for a wine rating. Just cracked open a bottle of Dolcetto di Diano d’ Alba Stefina Farino to let it air. It is a light red wine with hints of lemon in the air. Wait that is my dishwasher detergent. Fragrant with a touch of grapeness. Good stuff for 10 bucks. Give it an 88 MAF

Mark from Little Rock