Forte pluie…

…or pouring with rain for those of you with even less of a grasp of the French language. On our return to the UK we are intending on joining forces with our good friends to take up some private French lessons. They are very much needed as I just had a rather embarrassing moment in the local wine sellers. In fact you could say it was one of those ‘Miranda’ moments which included me trying to explain how lovely the weather had been in Bordeaux. I was very close to dancing round the shop singing ‘if your happy and you know it’ with a big grin on my face but Colin was unable to cope with any more embarrassment and dragged me away. I had already said soliel, soliel madam. I mean you wouldn’t shout sun mrs sun mrs to an English speaking person. I then went on to try and explain my wish for the wine of the region. I think she answered “have some strawberries with your wine” but I may be wrong. All of this was done with me in my pyjama bottoms partly covered up by my floral pac-a-mac and whilst having my one of many hot flushes so desperately trying to remove the scarf that was caught up in my hood. Hopefully I will never have to meet any of the people in the same wine cave again and if I do I shall be so fluid in French they will forgive my previous faux par.
Talking of faux pars or faux réponse, mes cher mari (my dear husband) advised me that we were travelling back to the UK at 4.30pm and I mapped out our route accordingly but on closer inspection of our printed ferry information we are actually sailing at 7.15am. This isn’t going to be too easy as we rarely even surface before nine these days. It also means we will have to miss out on visiting the Champagne region but maybe it’s just as well if we don’t visit anymore wine caves.
We have just crossed over the river Seine and are travelling through more little pretty French towns.
Here are a few photos of our travels and another empty street we came across on our walk around the local area in St Julien Du Sault.

image image


Take care dear friends
Deborah xxx

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