Have you ever spent a significant amount of time thinking about forgiveness? … towards others – more importantly, our self? Well, me either, until I did. When you decide to focus on that area of your heart; your soul, brain, and body start to feel significantly uncomfortable, but then you feel pretty amazeballs (if you do it right). I used to have chronic pain every day, and I can say that I no longer feel that pain. Just putting it out there.

Now, let us talk about America… or God, let us talk about how God just blows my mind, with how simplistic the Universal Command to Love One Another was meant ‘quite literally’ for the ENTIRETY of humankind… and how fundamentally hard it is for sections of the Christian population to reconcile a system in place that might not be entirely Gods design, because God is not like us… ummm, how can I say this politely? Visualize a human removing their proverbial head from their own proverbial butt… anyway, let us not talk about that. Did I mention that I started meditating?

Yes, I take time out of my day to center – picture my index fingers touching my thumbs as I sit cross-legged in my newly converted attic/meditation room adjacent to my bedroom in order to force myself to remain still. I remind myself of what is most important, what I am grateful for. If I do not meditate once a day, I unconsciously do this thing… spacing out? Daydreaming? Mouth breathing? If I am not ‘with you’ *aka not paying attention, I am someplace else in my head. I can hang out with myself for days and be completely entertained, and that used to be something that scared me.

Apparently, living in fear is rough on a body and mind. Humans are motivated by two things Love or Fear – either or both sometimes. For instance, ruminating over a broken past or hyper-vigilance to prevent a scary future lives little healing space to Be in the present. Getting in a comfortable quiet space feels pretty good! My ideas come through clearly, and eventually I will maintain that stillness for more than 15 minutes straight without having to redirect my brain back to focus.

I have not watched ‘real live’ broadcast news in a long time. I do not trust what I see or hear without searching for evidence before forming an opinion. Even the information found online seems by special interest groups. If we just step outside our front porches and get to know our neighbors, it would be a small forward step for humankind. What is wrong is we don’t want to know each other and will always be shocked when something out of the ordinary’ happens in our neighborhoods. *don’t get me started.

I do watch news reported by a few educated comedians. I recommend everyone finding their own educated comedian to report the news – it significantly decreases the level of stress upon the hearing and seeing how insane my fellow man really is. Anyway, forgiving ourselves is number 1 on the path to healing… and if it is America and its leaders that need the forgiving, that is number 2… sad, but true. God Bless America.