Food @NYC

Chef selection – sashimiSpicy, crunchy tuna rolls

We had 5 nights of dinner – Japanese (Umi Sushi), French (Jubilee), French (le Perigord), Japanese, Italian (Fiorini). They were all within walking distance from our apartment. We definitely did not want to go any farther, where we would need to wait for taxis in the cold nights! Wrapped warmly in our down jackets, leather gloves, woolly hats and scarves, we walked briskly to our destination and back.
Food in all the restaurants we went to, was more than good, could even be considered quite excellent. It doesn’t take much to please our average palates.
A funny thing happened one night when I was sleeping, I tried crocheting the edge of my comforter. I kept running my fingers up and down the edge but couldn’t find the yarn! Ha.. my habit of knitting in bed, lying down. But I am thankful even for such dreams; for a long, long time, I have not been dreaming or even if I did, I had no recollection. Dreaming is part of a good normal brain function. During the early years, sound deep sleep eluded me. Ahhh…. so now dreaming of knitting must truly be delightful. Thank GOD I dream again!
I am so thankful for my friends (and sis) who have been praying for me to keep well and strong during the 5 weeks of holiday. I do not presume my strength and ability to do everything was from myself. No, I thank GOD for His grace and my friends for praying and thinking of me.