Follow Up appointment

We had an appointment with the oncologist yesterday to basically follow up with what the next step is and results on blood work.
Good news is no doctor appointments and medication for 7 days!!!
They are hoping to do the second cycle of Dpace chemo on November 18.  It will depend on his blood counts and health.  Otherwise, it will be on November 25.
Tony has been suffering from a sore throat and runny nose.  He has woken me up at 5am twice now to get him a tea with honey and lemon to sooth.  It’s been burning him. Poor Tony.  The doctor took a swab of his throat for testing.
The blood work taken about two weeks ago did show an infection.  She was right!  However, the ones taken after his episode of shakes on Monday, were negative.  So that means the antibiotics he’s on are working.
She did a physical exam of him and commented on how much the tumors have shrunk.  She feels lots of bloating, but the tumors have gotten smaller.
Once this second round of chemo is done, she will order a CT scan and all she needs to see is a 50% reduction and then they will do two back to back transplants. (keep in mind she did say before this that he may need 3-4 rounds)
Overall, yesterday’s appointment was a “feel good” appointment.  She commented on how good he looks!
Since being diagnosed last year, he has lost 30 pounds.
Oh, I’m wrong…..he does need medication….she ordered Eprex to help with his hemoglobin levels.  We should have gotten the prescription filled at the hospital, but I forgot.  Our neighbourhood pharmacy has to order it in.  It will be one injection weekly for four weeks and reassess at that time.  I need to go get it as I forgot on my way home…..back outside I go.  Darn!  My mind has been so foggy lately.  I wonder why?!
Until Thursday……Unless, something else happens by then.