Follow Up Appointment @ PMH for the fevers

Not only did they relay a message to the hospital in Orangeville that we had to report to Princess Margaret Hospital on Monday, but they even called us at home early in the morning to make sure.  I love Princess Margaret Hospital and their thoroughness!
Traffic was really bad and we got there at 11am today.
Usual blood work.  Usual results.  All good.
When the oncologist saw us, she recommended that Tony’s hickman line be removed to rule out possible origin of infection.  The swab taken last Thursday was negative, but just to make sure.  The wound looked irritated, not infected.  No puss still.  Results from Headwaters Hospital aren’t in yet so we don’t know. Tonight would be 48 hours.  Follow up appointment for those will be this Thursday.
So off we went to what they call the “Reach Clinic”.  It works like an emergency room, but everyone sent there has arrived with a requisition.  We met with a very young lady to remove the hickman line.  I was present. I decided to watch.  I decided I’d be brave for him.  So, I watched over them both as she prepped him for the procedure.  Felt like an operation.  She disinfected the area.  She covered him in those green towels all around leaving only about a 3″ opening.  All sterile stuff.  She pulled out a long needle to numb the area.  That’s when I got up and told him how brave he was and so calm.  That’s when I began watching closely.  That’s when I kind of began to feel weird, but kept thinking Tony should be nervous not me.  So I decided to hold his hand while she poked him several times all around the area to numb it.  Apparently, I was squeezing Tony’s hand to a point where he said, “stop squeezing my hand.  It’s hurting me”.  OMG!  I didn’t even notice.  So, I decided to casually caress his hand and when she finished, I decided to sit down.
She began tugging and cutting to remove the hickman line.  Lots of bleeding.  She gave him 3 stitches and patched him up and placed a bean sack on the wound to stop the bleeding.  He had to wait about 20 minutes for the bleeding to stop and then we could go home.  They took his vital signs and then we left.
Home at 6pm.   LONG DAY!
Till Thursdays appointment.
Good Nite