Fog Bound

I have finished my Test Knit and it is really rather glorious – I can’t wait to show you when the pattern goes live!
But what this means is that all my other knitting, reading and thinking has been on hold.
I have built up quite a backlog of library books on short-term loans, so unless I devote myself to those, they will have to be returned unread.  I suppose I can reserve them again.
As you can see, I also ordered Coop Knits Socks Volume 2.
Of course I did!
I have reached the stage where I have more Rachel Coopey patterns to knit than I have sock yarn in the stash – woo hoo!
That doesn’t actually mean I need to buy more sock yarn.

Ah well.
These two colours of Yarn Yard Marchmont are from another knitter’s destash on Ravelry.
Legbar (above) is a lovely semi-solid of blue-ish greys with some natural cream shining through.
Waverley (below) is a far more saturated murky smoky greenish blue-ish grey that I have coveted for a long time.

My excuse for buying these is that I already had three purples in the same base – all lovely, but far too close to each other to make meaningful colourwork.
But together with the greys?

It has been a foggy weekend here.
FL has mostly been asleep.
I have mostly been knitting.
Hopefully next time I write I will be able to share pictures of The Awesome! ;)