FO: Woodcutter’s Socks (An Enchanted Knit)

 FL’s Christmas socks are finished.
These are the Woodcutter’s Socks by Rachel Coopey from Enchanted Knits, an Interweave magazine.
I used Dublin Dye Co Swing Sock yarn in the Stone Wall colourway.
My drystane dyke is not the same colour as they are in Dublin, clearly!

It is a beautiful pattern, with a double braided cable on the outside of each foot, and broken rib around the leg and down into the foot.
The yarn is a subtle blend of spiralling dyes – there are greys and pinks and mauves and browns in here, all in similar tones so they don’t distract from the stitch pattern at all.
I just clicked through to the dyer‘s Etsy shop to create my link and ought to warn you about some highly tempting colourways to be found there.
OMG Library!
Not to mention Sea Shell

 Ahem.  Sorry.
Of course, as soon as I finished those socks, instead of getting on with my Big Red Doily (aka the blanket I think I am going to have finished for Christmas hahahaha maybe not!), I cast on another pair.
On the face of it, these are a simple 2×2 rib in self-striping yarn (Online Supersocke 100 in Paradise Color 1437).
But I am using the Optio pattern, which has triangular heel shaping.

And as you can see, my copy of Felicity Ford’s Knitsonik book arrived today.
How long do you give me before I start a new colourwork project?
Especially with all the autumnal inspiration on  my doorstep.

This afternoon I went out seed-collecting.
I was determined to harvest some of those mysterious poppies that popped up in the field this summer.
And while I was at it, I gathered some seed heads from the marigolds in my herb garden. I sent some of these to Christine last year, and their cousins are now growing strong in Glasgow :)

What shall I do now?
Some spinning?
I have had a go at spinning some Mixed Jacob fibre on my Turkish spindle, with mixed results.
It is pretty chunky!
Dreadlocks, anyone?

I think I will go back to my sock.
And brew a pot of Bella Granata Pomegranate Fruit Tisane from a recent tea-splurge.