FO: Willowherb Socks by Rachel Coopey

Pattern:  Willowherb Socks by Rachel Coopey from her book “Coopknits Socks”
Yarn:  BFL Sock by Lioness Arts, a light fingering, colourway:  Pan

I love how the pattern was mirrored on the second sock without me having to do any complicated thinking!
Another beautifully-written pattern from Rachel Coopey.  I don’t need any other sock designers, thank you – Rachel keeps coming up with more and more patterns that I want to knit.  Even if I manage one pair a month for the next few years, I am not going to catch up with her design output!

The yarn is an amazing hand-painted shade of dark forest green which refuses to show its true colours in photographs.
I took it outside “in nature” and set it against the lady’s mantle, thinking the acidic yellow contrast would  help, but no, it just looks more grey / lavender-ish than ever.
But you can see the flashes of purple coming through – appropriate for a pattern called Willowherb!
Ironically, the farm is usually a mess of willowherb (also known as fireweed), but early strimming of the road edges has kept it at bay so far this year.  I am sure it will be back soon enough!

 So – Christine?  Your socks are ready!
Coffee and cake time?  ; )

P.S. Look what I found today!  This gigantic fungus is at the entrance to a rabbit-hole near the house.  If the bunnies aren’t eating it, I reckon it must be poisonous.
Or maybe they just prefer eating the herbs in my garden!  We now have two layers of chicken wire “fencing” but the little beggars just keep digging it up. Hero is manning (or dogging) the watchtower, but they sneak in when he isn’t looking.  So, to the commenter who asked about how I rabbit-proofed the garden…?  I try, but that’s the best I can say!