FO: Vintage Fremont Shawl: House of the Rising Sun


The shawl:  Vintage Fremont by Jami Brynildson
The dress:  a ridiculously extravagant, delicate and beautiful gift from FL.  (From Brora.)
For weddings, graduations and funerals he says.
Let’s stick to the first two, shall we?

The yarn:  Crown Mountain Farm Sock Hop handspun in “House of the Rising Sun”.
I had 400 yards.
This shawl takes 400 metres.
Yes, of course I ran out!


It took 200 yards to reach the end of the 12th wedge.
I decided to work one less “plain” wedge (so 11 instead of 12) and then another 6 of the graduated wedges.
This got me 2/3 of the way along the pointy bind-off edge before I was certain I would not make it.
I improvised a couple of smaller pointy bits and then cast the rest off “plain”… except you know how it is.  I had just enough yarn left to work a little loop of i-cord at the very end of the point to weight it.
I have this half-thought that I might sew a button on somewhere to secure it… but I haven’t done it yet.

It may be a little “rustic”in texture to pair with this dress, but the colours are a perfect match.
Obviously, I will get my hair fixed and dig out my amber necklace when it comes to The First Occasion.
It was a lovely thing to knit and I think it will be a lovely thing to wear.