FO: Vintage Fremont Laceweight Shawl

Pattern:  Vintage Fremont by Jami Brynildson
Yarn:  75g of a 100g skein of PoshYarn Miranda:  70% alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere (875 yards per 100g) in the colour “Gale Force”
Needles:  4 mm, US size 6
Finished dimensions:  2.5 metres along the pointy bind-off edge, 1.1 metres along the lace-wedge edge.  So… if I had used the whole skein, it would have been a quarter as big again..?!  This one has 25 lace wedge repeats.

The colour is impossible to capture.
In some lights it is silver, while in others it is a deep rich teal with flashes of cerise.

The fabric is fragile, with a slight halo from the alpaca and a sheen from the silk.
Even though it is so light that the wind catches it and lifts its edges, it feels warm and comforting.

It is the sort of shawl that I will wear and wear until it falls apart.
And I imagine I will keep on wearing it, even when it is in tatters.

How many more times will I reach for this pattern, I wonder?