FO: Thistle Scarf by Tin Can Knits

Pattern:  Thistle Scarf by Tin Can Knits from Handmade in the UK
I couldn’t see the thistles until I blocked it.
They are, of course, upside down in these photographs!
The first third is thistle lace, and then it transitions to wonderful architectural lace columns, which you work until you run out of yarn.
 Yarn:  Enchant from Skein Queen:  a blend of baby alpaca, silk and cashmere in fingering weight.
This yarn has it all:  it is soft, light, drapey, lustrous with a sheen of silk and slightly fluffy with a halo of alpaca.
The colourway “Strawberries and Champagne” is variegated, but not so much that it would hide the lace pattern.
I began this project on a whim, and then my emotions got the better of me and I whipped it up in a whirlwind of knitting over the space of 12 days.
The thistles did not come easily to me, and I was glad to begin the columns, which rolled off the needles at a remarkable rate.
Really rather lovely, if I say so myself!
I will definitely knit this pattern again, and I had to stop myself from winding a skein of actual laceweight straightaway, because I wanted to see how it looks in a semi-solid, at an even lighter gauge.
 It is off in the post tomorrow, a gift for another “wife of cancer”.
A supportive knitterly hug, if you like.
And although we don’t have much in the way of strawberries or champagne in these parts, the view over the fields this morning was fittingly hazy and romantic.
And nature had even woven some of its own lace outside the bothy.
I startled a group of deer in the trees which surround our house.
They leaped across the fields before I got the chance to say hello.
But for once they stopped and looked back.
Hello my dears!