FO: The Summer Funeral Cardigan

I am not going to pretend that this weekend was a good one.
FL was in the depths of despond and I was on the point of ringing the out-of-hours doctor because I didn’t know what was wrong, but he was just not himself.
So I had no sleep on Friday or Saturday nights and was on the point of cancelling my holiday with The Girl.
And then, at about 5 o’clock this morning, he seemed to wake up properly and come out of the dark place where he had been hiding for about three days and nights, and announced that we were definitely going to the funeral together on Monday and I would definitely head on south to meet The Girl and he would be FINE!

So despite the fact that I didn’t really believe him… because nobody can flip from sick to well quite that fast… I thought I had better pull myself together and make a black cardigan to wear to the funeral.
So I did.
Yes, I’ve already had the Scottish Widow joke from FL, thanks! (Google it if you don’t get the reference.)

This is a bit of a mish-mash of patterns.
I used the hooded jacket pattern from Female Spring 2012 (Japanese pattern magazine) for the upper half, in size medium.
But I wanted a bit more pizzazz, so I franken-patterned it together with the bottom scoop of the Summer Concert Tee for a bit of hi-lo business.
Then I decided the sleeves were too long and chopped them off below the elbow.

 Why yes, I did get my hair cut on Friday, as couple of people noticed.
The grey streaks cost a fortune (not!)

 Where was I?
Oh yes – so I ended up with a raglan-sleeved, hi-lo hemmed, hooded 3/4-sleeve cardi.
It was looking a bit too plain, so I ran a piece of stretch lace round the front edges and up round the hood.
This also helped form a buttonhole / loop for closure.
 I am struggling for a decent side view showing the sweep of the swooping hem – it is about 6 inches longer at the back than the front.  It is also wider at back, so catches the breeze and wafts.

Pattern: A mash-up of the Summer Concert Tee with a Japanese hooded jacket pattern from the Female Spring 2012 magazine.
Fabric:  Very fine viscose jersey from Truro Fabrics, about 1.6m, (£7.99 per metre) also used to make The Girl’s Drafting Cardi.
Other:  Maybe 2 metres of black stretch lace from an ebay bundle.  A vintage boot button, also used for my 1940’s tea dress.

Do you know how long I have whinged about not having a black cardigan?
I have one now.
If the wind stays in the right direction, I will wear it to a funeral tomorrow, probably over my Innocent Crush blouse and a black skirt.
Job done.

P.S.  If the blog goes quiet this week, I have successfully gone on holiday with The Girl, and FL is fine.
Fingers crossed.
Back soon!