FO: The Neon Mirrorball Cowl

Goodness me!  My last post clearly struck a chord with many of you – thank you so much for all those amazing comments :)
If you haven’t gone back to see what other people have written, please do – there are some very wise / funny / honest words in there.  I would sum them up as:  be yourself, dress in all the colours of the rainbow, and sod the lot of ’em :)
Oh…OK then!

Is this bright enough for you?
I have not adjusted the colour of these photographs.
Apologies if I set off a migraine aura ;)

I’m not entirely sure how best to wear a cowl.
This one is 150cm by 16cm.

 It is lovely and warm folded over and worn double-crossed.

 Or just the right size to share with someone special :)

Sartorial issues aside, I love it as a textile.
It starts off with neon dots that transition across to indigo dots.
The overall effect is rather like the dazzle of a disco mirrorball.

 In fact, I think it has its own theme tune… something like the music at the start of the Revelations of a Delusional Knitter podcast (go and listen – seriously, I hear that music every time I look at this fabric!)


Pattern:  The Mirrored Linen Stitch Cowl by Joy McMillan (the Knitting Goddess herself)

Yarn:  100g of Lioness Arts MCN DK in the colour Picking Violets, set against 6-ply Regia Fluromania (that’s the sportweight version) – I still have loads of the Regia left because it was a 150g ball.

Needles:  I used 5mm (smaller than called for) to compensate for the lighter-weight Regia.  I got gauge in terms of rows, but it came out bigger in terms of width around the circular needle, which translates to a longer loop of knitting.  I might try blocking it, as it is a little bit wibbley wobbley at the cast on edge.

Process:  A lot of knitting, but a whole lot of fun too!  I was fascinated to see what would happen next as the neon colours progressed.

Verdict?:  The loudest thing I have ever knitted.  It would be shocking worn against my orange coat.
Tempting, very tempting!