FO: The Girl’s Hooded Summer Concert Vest

The Girl wanted to make some simple black tops.
Because she is young and fearless, she saw no reason why you wouldn’t just cut off the sleeves and add a hood to the basic high-low Summer Concert Tee pattern that she made before.
So that is what we did.

 We borrowed the armholes from the Chemisier Berthe pattern from Un Ete Couture.

 And the hood from New Look 6947, which I used for my linen jersey / broderie hoodie.
The fabric is bamboo jersey from Truro Fabrics.  One metre for £14.99.  It is much blacker-looking in real life and is a very dense and bouncy jersey – it would make a fab skater dress.
We discovered that it was most easily sewn with a straight stitch, rather than an overlocking stitch – but by then she had sewn all the main seams and just had the bindings and hem to do.
The neck and armholes are bound with strips of the same fabric, attached with a straight stitch while stretching it lightly.  
The Girl was really good at the stretching-while-sewing technique!
Like I said: young and fearless.

The Girl is looking forward to wearing it with her Demonia boots, which sadly did not come on holiday to the farm this summer.
I think it looks amazing!
She has another top all cut out and ready to sew.
It’s great fun to have another stitcher in the house!