FO: The Culottes of Awesome: McCall’s 3657

Hoist the mainsail me hearties!
Alert the Navy – I did some sewing!

I see no ships

 I have come out of my sewing funk with a blast of genuine 1970’s Funkadelia!
This pattern has been simmering in the stash for far too long.
I was planning to make full-length trousers.  But when you have legs as wide as these, not even 60 inch fabric allows a pair to be cut side by side.

At rest, you could almost believe this was a smart pleated skirt.
And that is an illusion I hope to cultivate in the workplace!
But the truth becomes apparent when I dance…
There’s not much call for dancing In Committee Room 2 ;)


Pattern:  McCall’s 3657 from 1973 in size 26 1/2 waist, 36 hip – perfect!  Why can’t more patterns be the right size without any effort from me?
I made View A, shortened to the point at which you can “lengthen or shorten here”.

Fabric: 2 metres of a herringbone weave cotton from Croft Mill at least 2 years ago.  It could be longer.  It would have taken 2.3 metres of this width of fabric to make them full length, or a whopping 3.8 metres of 90 cm wide material – wowzer!  That’s over 4 yards folks!

Other:  A 9 inch invisible zip (in the side seam) and grosgrain ribbon to face the waist.  Thread.  I also used satin bias binding for the hems as this fabric frays quite easily and I really want these to last forever!


Am I allowed to gush?!
I absolutely love them :)
I have not had any work-appropriate trousers since my Eva dress 1940’s wide-legged ones disintegrated and my Betsey Johnson-pattern ones faded beyond acceptability.
Cropped trousers have been in my peripheral vision since probably October, when I first saw them appearing in the Sunday supplements.  And of course now the 1970’s are everywhere.
These are the real thing!
And they fit me perfectly without any fiddling around.  I will definitely try a narrower pair from the same pattern, full length next time.
I haven’t written about the sewing process because it was absolutely straightforward and easy – boom!
The ribbon-faced waistband is so simple and neat, I don’t know why it isn’t used  more often.
I reckon I’m back in the sewing groove!
Woo hoo!