FO: Subversive Schoolgirl Camber Dress by Merchant and Mills

Today we had a round of “Secret Santa” in the office.
Remarkably, there was a high participation rate and I don’t think anyone felt let down by the elves.
I was surprised and pleased to receive a Ness tartan bird brooch, which goes perfectly with my new grey dress. I happened to be wearing the dress today for the first time – amazing!
Santa clearly knows me quite well!

You want to hear about the dress?
Of course you do!
This is my second make of the Camber Dress by Merchant and Mills.
Once again, it is Shetland flannel, this time in Grey Herringbone. The grey seems slightly fluffier than the red, but that may just be the result of my over-enthusiastic pre-washing of the fabric, after a pigeon flew past the washing line and scored a direct hit. Grrr.
The back neck facing is my favourite feature of this version. I used another scrap of jotter doodle print fabric, with which I lined the pockets of my denim Portfolio dress. There is hardly any left now – but since I only bought a fat quarter, it has certainly served me well!

Merchant and Mills Camber Dress in size 8, with sleeves from a 1960’s pattern, Simplicity 6238
2 metres of Robert Kaufman Shetland flannel in grey herringbone, from the Eternal Maker – it looks like they have sold out of the grey now. 100% soft and fluffy cotton – deliciously warm!
Part of a fat quarter of Peace Always Michael Miller for the facing.
Satin bias binding on the inside bottom hem. Thread.

The wrinkles are easily smoothed out – honest!

I got up on Saturday morning in such a storm of unhappiness about work / careers / life, the universe and everything, that I needed instant and reliable distraction.
I was not willing to try out a new pattern in case it all went horribly wrong.
I wear my Redwood Camber dress regularly… perhaps more often than office etiquette considers appropriate!
Having bought 2 metres of grey at the same time as 2 metres of red, and with no particular plan in mind for it, this seemed like as good an idea as any other.
So… I sewed this dress.
And really, that’s all there was to it.  The same as last time.

This is my subversive uniform dress, in schoolgirl grey with doodles at the back where the Principal can’t see them!
Heh heh heh.
I wonder how many of these dresses I will crank out before someone notices I am wearing the same thing every day…?
I’m thinking velvet next time…

PS – the cardigan is an ebay “Made in China” number that I blogged about a while ago.  Sorry to the person who asked about the pattern!