FO: Stop Go Dinosaur Socks

What is it with little boys and dinosaurs?
My toddler son was obsessed by the creatures.
He later moved on to knights and pirates, but “diddors” will always have a special place in his heart.
At 21, he may no longer carry a tiny stegosaurus in his pocket (though I wouldn’t put it past him) but I reckon he will appreciate some warm dinosaur socks this winter.

Red or green?  Which do you prefer?
One of each!

They are not quite matching, as there was a knot just past the heel turn of sock 2 and I didn’t quite get the stripes re-aligned.

The difference is more noticeable at the toes.
But really?  I don’t think anyone will be looking at his toes when there are dinosaurs dancing round his ankles!
Pattern:  The chart comes from the Brachiosockus pattern, but I adapted it to be top-down over 72 stitches, so the dinosaurs are the only thing these socks have in common with the original.  I have written extensive notes on my Ravelry page for these.
Yarn:  Online Supersocke 100 Paradise Color for the self-striping background; Online Supersocke 100 in plain black for heels and toes;  Yarn Yard Toddy sock for the red and green – leftovers from FL’s Wallace socks and my Fred and George socks.

This is the last pair in my Summer of Socks season.  I have cast on for the Woodcutter’s Socks, but other projects are taking up my knitterly energies right now, including some exciting test-knitting on the horizon – woo hoo!  Looking forward to that! :)