FO: Silver in my Porridge Drafting Top

 Could it be that I am waking up at last?
That my hibernation is over?
I thought I would break my sewing fast with some oatmeal jersey.

 Yes, it’s another Drafting Top.  Woo hoo!
Jill Aiko Yee sent me this fabric to test.
She was wondering if people would be interested in buying this or other similar high-quality jerseys from her Etsy shop.  What do you think?  It would cost 21 US dollars plus postage for 3 yards.

This is the best picture I could get of the colour.  It is a light beige marled jersey with regular narrow subtle stripes of silver which sparkle in the light.  It looks just as good on the wrong side as on the right.  In fact, I wish I had used it the other way out for extra texture.  Ah well!  Next time!

As you can see, it is wonderfully drapey. 

And you can tell from this picture that it is semi-sheer – see how it catches the sun?

I probably used about 2 yards to make this top.  I am thinking of making some slinky lingerie with some of what’s left.  It would make a gorgeous camisole / knicker set!

Pattern:  The Drafting Top from Jill Aiko Yee of ItTerations Workwear.
Fabric:  About two yards of silver / beige stripe jersey, to be priced at $21 for 3 yards  in Jill’s Etsy shop if there is enough interest.
Other:  66cm of silvery beige fold over elastic found on ebay for about £1 for 2 metres.

Yay!  I got my sewing groove back!
But you know what?  I really really need to make myself a narrow stretchy tube skirt to wear with these drapey tops.  My jeans have an unfortunate bulge where they sag at the front.  The term “budgie smuggler” springs to mind.  I am all for an androgynous style, but this is going too far!