FO: Shalder Cardigan… Dun Dun Duuun!

So Roo, how long has it taken you to knit this cardigan?
Um… a year.  I started it in July 2012.
And why has it taken you so long?
Well… I kinda went off the colour towards the end and hid it at the bottom of the wardrobe, awaiting inspiration.
I had every intention of dye-ing it black, except…

 It turned out to have other issues!

 Is it because the sleeves are too long?
Or because the fronts are a loopy i-cord bind off… with the emphasis on “loopy”?
Or because the pockets are a saggy mess?
Read on…

Yesterday, I got up and decided to face my demons and finish the darned cardigan-of-doom.
FL and I settled down in the garden, with newspapers and knitting, and I i-corded from dawn to dusk.
I really truly madly deeply did.
There was some choice vocabulary when I realised I had picked up too many stitches at the bottom edge and the i-cord was curling round the ribbing.  I salvaged it by stitching it back on itself on the inside.  If you think I was going to re-do the bind-off after (calculates) 13 hours of work, you can think again!

 Please don’t shoot me!  I am an innocent cotton hand-knit!
This morning I sat down to it again and sewed up the sleeve seams (I knitted them flat instead of in the round)…  and I realised how incredibly long they were.  Oh.  Dear. Me.  (Or other words with a similar meaning.)
By this point, I had stopped caring.
Some projects are just doomed.  This is a fact.
But you know what?
It is good enough for farm-wear.
I still love the lacey yoke.
And best of all?
You may go now.

Pattern:  Shalder by The Shetland Trader, Gudrun Johnston
Yarn:  550g of Rowan All Seasons Cotton, an aran-weight, 60% cotton, 40% acrylic.  I bought this from A Girl in Winter in a Ravelry destash.  Thank you Melissa!  The yarn is not to blame!
Needles:  4.5mm Denise interchangeables
Buttons: I finally found the perfect match at Wool For Ewe in Aberdeen.  I used 8.