FO: Richting Hat by Andrea Rangel

While waiting for the pattern/s for my test-knitting to arrive, I distracted myself by whipping up a quick hat for autumn.
Because it is most definitely autumn in these parts!  The temperature has not made it into double figures (celsius) any morning this week and I have been piling on the layers to stay warm at my desk.

This is the Richting Hat by Andrea Rangel.  The pattern popped up among the New Patterns on Ravelry a couple of weeks ago and I had been visiting it daily until I decided it just had to be purchased and knitted up.
I used half a ball of JC Rennie Supersoft Lambswool and it was done in 4 evenings of gentle knitting.  This wool is very soft and sheepy.  My hat will need a bath before I wear it in the rain, unless I want to reek of eau-de-mouton.  But at only £4 a ball, it is truly bargainous and a great substitute for Brooklyn Tweed Loft, as used by the designer.  It comes in some gorgeous colours too.  This is Oxford grey and was leftover from my Mystery Mitts project.  The cast-on edge used a tiny length of JC Rennie Unique Shetland in the colour Confetti.

The pattern is a simple texture of knits and purls – not the feather-and-fan stitch I was expecting.  So it was easier, and yet less easily-memorised than it might have been.
I made the smallest size on 3.5mm needles and it fits me really well.  I would knit the larger size if you have bigger hair.
Right now, I am all fired up to knit a stack of these in a multitude of colours, to squirrel away in various pockets in case I am caught out in The Weather.
But first… I have an urgent appointment with a Giant Crochet Blanket and an utterly compelling novel.
See you on the other side!