FO: Reginald Socks by Rachel Coopey

The brown socks are finished!
These are the Reginald pattern from Rachel Coopey’s book A Knitted Sock Society.

If you are thinking of knitting a pair, please note that the leg is 12 inches long (to the bottom of the heel flap) and that if you choose to knit the largest size, as I did, that is an awful lot of twisted rib.  Insert wry smile here.
I was surprised to find that they took me a month to complete.  It felt longer.  And I would put that down to the brown-ness and the twisted-ness.
But those are the two qualities which got me started on this project in the first place.  These are for The Boy’s Christmas, and I knew that he would appreciate their quirky mismatched manliness.  Well… I hope so!  Time will tell :)

Pattern:  Reginald socks by Rachel Coopey from A Knitted Sock Society

Yarn:  The Knitting Goddess “Same Difference”, a superwash merino / nylon mix.  I bought mine from another Raveller’s destash, but there is plenty for sale direct from The Knitting Goddess here.

Sock One went swimmingly, and was mostly knit on holiday near Gairloch.
Sock Two happened in a series of waiting rooms and suffered from my stress-levels.  I made lots of stupid mistakes:  overshot the heel flap by 8 rows and had to pick it back, picked up the wrong loops on the side of the heel flap, creating a delightful lacey feature which I have not completely fixed.  And strangest of all, there is a single row half-way up the leg where I appear to have twisted the stitches twice, creating a tactile ridge.  It won’t be ripped back.  It is a designer original.

I am so over twisted rib.  If I never see twisted rib again it will be too soon.
But you know I am lying because Rachel Coopey is the queen of twisted rib and I have another of her patterns at the top of my mental queue, just in time for Tuesday’s hospital appointment.
Off we go again!