FO: Planorbis Corneus socks

I started these socks on a whim:  I liked the look of the whorly cable-like stitch pattern and thought the light-coloured yarn would show it off to advantage.
And it does!
I knitted these in 9 days – crikey!
A long train journey and being on holiday from work may have had something to do with my speed… but I would also cite the regularity of the stitch pattern for propelling me onwards to knit just one more repeat.
When I cast on, I was surprised that there were so few other projects on Ravelry. 
It is a free (Knitty) pattern from a famous sock designer (Hunter Hammersen) and I thought the manic sock-knitters would be gobbling it up.  But the other knitters who had made it ahead of me all seemed to be expressing their doubts about their finished objects, and I suspect that has been putting people off.
So what’s the problem?

OK…you need to know that this pattern is not sized for vanity.  Please ignore the descriptions “small, medium, large” and pick the size that has the number of cast-on stitches you normally use for a sock.  An average female probably should choose 64 stitches and therefore needs “large”.
The toe-box shaping is also unusually short – so having stopped knitting the foot where I expected to start the toe shaping (from past experience) I ended up with a smaller sock than intended.  The toe section is only 4cm long instead of 5cm.
It’s OK – I can wear them.  But they are pretty snug!
And I can see that this might frustrate a regular sock-knitter who thinks they know when to start their decreases… and then ends up with a pair of stubby-toed hobbit socks.
You can see that they don’t quite fit my sock-blockers.
And you can see my mistake at the cuff of the uppermost sock – oops!  Missed a whorl!
But despite all this, I really really like my new socks, which are definitely mine because I don’t know anyone else with small enough feet to wear them – score!


Pattern:  Planorbis Corneus by Hunter Hammersen, free from Knitty here, or can be bought as part of Volume 3 of the Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet book.
I knitted size Medium, 60 stitches, on 2.5mm dpns –  but see my notes above.

Yarn:  Atomic City Fibers Merino Nylon sock, a 75% merino, 25% nylon mix.
Mary in TN sent me this lovely hand-dyed yarn a while back and I really enjoyed working with it.  The colourway (Potluck 2) ranges from a sizzling lime green through zesty lemon to a dull beige – and that contrast makes it pop like neon, even though it is a lot more subtle in real life.  Fab!
I have another couple of skeins in a gorgeous turquoise blue that I just might have to knit up soon :)