FO: Neon Fizz Bomb Mitts

This week, winter finally arrived.
The postman has not been able to get up the farm track because of the ice.
FL was confined to the house, for fear of a fall or going off the road with his car.
Every morning, I have started my day by scraping the windscreen and then creeping over the hill at 20mph, hoping I don’t meet a vehicle coming in the opposite direction.
So I am feeling pretty smug about finishing these mitts before the weather hit!
At least I have had warm fingers :)

Pattern:  Rosy Lemonade by Rachel Coopey, from Vivacious Volume 1
Yarn:  Two OnLine Supersocke yarns held together:  plain black, and 4-fach Neon Color 2 in shade 1728.
Needles: Lovely Lantern Moon Rosewood Sox Stix in 3.25mm size.

Cast on, knitted for an evening or two, cast off!
This really was a simple project.
However, if you look closely you will see I had an interesting experience holding two strands of yarn together.  Every time I moved from one dpn to the next, I appear to have twisted the yarns over each other without realising.  So in the above photo, you can see a clear “junction” between black dominance and neon dominance in the right hand mitt (to the left of the photo).  When I saw what had happened, I took more care with the second mitt, so the colour is more evenly distributed in that one.
Now… the reason I held two yarns together instead of using a double-knitting weight yarn, was to try out the technique in  preparation to knit a cardigan.
I had been planning to use neon pink Supersocke yarn held together with black Albayarn to knit the Kolmarden jacket.  After this experience, I am not so sure!  I was hoping for a marled effect rather than a tie-dyed one!