FO: My New Year’s Day Airelle

Sigh.  I knew I should have waited til they went out.

I woke early on New Year’s Day and decided to start 2013 as I mean to go on:  creatively!

So having dealt with washing, breakfast and the dog, I set to work on my second Airelle blouse.  Having made it already, I knew the only thing I wanted to change was the length of the sleeves.  My pheasant print version is a little bit chilly round the arms, so I added 3 inches and carried on as before.

Pattern:  Blouse Airelle from Deer and Doe, size 36
Fabric: 1970’s brushed cotton, found on ebay.  About 1.7 metres? I thought I had enough to make a dress but I was wrong:  it was narrow.  I only had scraps left after I cut out my blouse.  The collar and cuffs are plum babycord, left over from making a cushion cover a few years ago.  Total cost?  About £8.
Label: The usual!  “I am half agony and half hope” (a quote from Persuasion by Jane Austen) from Scrapiana on Etsy.

I started work at about 9.30am and was finished by 5pm, with breaks for fruit, coffee and cheese on toast.
I watched the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice out of one eye in the afternoon as I stitched.
I had a lovely day!

Scowl. Sorry –  I don’t feel as miserable as I look!

As I noticed before, the neckline is quite wide and stands proud of my collarbone, which on reflection is a bit airy in this climate.  But it feels elegant.  I need to get over my fear of draughts (or move house / change job).  And anyway, I always have a scarf or shawl to hand.

I am smiling in this one – honest!

I like the sleeve at this length, though is is somehow less French (I’m not sure why!)
I have high hopes for this blouse:  I think it could become a workwear staple.  The retro fabric is both warm and quirky.  I like the contrasting texture of the collar and cuffs.

It’s freezing out here. Can I go indoors now?

The only issue right now is that it doesn’t go with many other garments in my wardrobe, and none of them are appropriate for work.  I like it belted with my shorts, but it looks a bit shapeless worn loose over the gold skirt.  It looks good tucked into a high-waisted skirt, but the print clashes with the ones I already own.

I have some aubergine stretch wool ready to sew another pair of Portfolio Pants, and some orange wool crepe to make a skirt – either of those would be great with it.

So come on, Roo – get a move on!