FO: Mermaid’s Song Shawl

Pattern:  Mermaid’s Song Shawl from the Unofficial HP Knits magazine
Yarn:  Yarn Yard Moondance (75% merino, 20% nylon, 5% stellina sparkle), a present from Christine – thank you again!
Needles:  5mm knitpro circulars (the pink acrylic ones)

I found this really rather challenging.  There were two stitches that I had never worked before and I kept dropping stitches every time I met them.  As a result, I was glad to stop at 15 repeats of the lace instead of going on for the full 25.
It was easy enough to adjust the short rows to fit my shorter border (well, easy for Excel!)
Once blocked, it was 48 inches by 13 at the widest and deepest points – which is plenty big enough for me.

The yarn is an amazing shade of blue which comes out best against my red shirt.  In real life, it is has silvery sparkles throughout :)
It is wonderfully Christmassy and I plan to wear it as much as possible during the festive season.
It adds pizzazz to a checked shirt, wildly contrasts with my orange coat (in a good way!) and looks quite glamorous and grown-up with my Camber dress – woo hoo!

Would I knit it again?
Probably not – that border was a bit too stressful.  The pattern included knitting beads onto the ends of those points – hahahaha!  Not on your nelly!  I was having enough trouble as it was ;)