FO: Lisette Portfolio Top in Stripey Seersucker

I bought this fabric to make a 1940’s pattern blouse, back in 2011.
It became one of those projects that I had made so often in my head that I forgot I hadn’t made it, and that this orange and white striped seersucker was still down at the bottom of my stash suitcase, where the wild things are.
Last weekend, I dug it out for an airing.  I had just made my Portfolio pants, and I realised that I would much rather make a relaxed Portfolio top than a starchy blouse.  So I did.
Except I ran out of white thread halfway.  Grrrr.
Today, thanks to some midweek re-stashing (oops!), I threaded up my sewing machine and finished it off.

Pattern:  Lisette Portfolio (Simplicity 2245) in size 8
Fabric:  Just over 1 metre of pure cotton orange and white striped seersucker, from Croft Mill in 2011.  Price forgotten.  Maybe £7.50?
Other:  White thread, interfacing and two emerald green buttons from stash:  it was these or pale blue.  FL is not impressed.  I like them!

Tsk – overlapping buttons? Must fix that!

No real problems.
I spent an awfully long time deciding which way the stripes should run on each piece. I wanted to spice it up a bit by stirring the stripes around. Otherwise it might have looked like a nurse’s smock? 
I had a moment of brain-fog when I tried to put the neckband on upside down, but I soon saw my mistake.
And I failed to turn the back loops inside out so re-did them with a folded-under edge and stitching on the outside.

This was a deliberate attempt to replace my white dobby dot Portfolio top which was worn-out beyond salvage.  You might think orange is a difficult colour, but in my experience it goes with most things:  green, blue, black, purple… yes, all of those and more!
But maybe that’s just me.

I am expecting to get a lot of wear out of this at the office.
I am wearing it here with my Peggy skirt.  This has become one of my most frequently-worn garments.  The denim holds its shape beautifully, looking crisp all day long, and it is a really rich indigo blue. Love it!

Also pictured:  bead necklace from Silly Old Suitcase.  I have two of these.   The other one doesn’t have stars, crosses or roses  – it is plainer in that respect.  I have a lot of fun with them, as they pick up the colours in my clothes so well.  They are the same… but different. A bit like my new top!

 The light has been really strange today…