FO: Lisette Portfolio Pants: Dangerously Suitable Trousers

This weekend I made a pair of trousers.
It has been two years since I tried this trick with the same pattern.  On that occasion, I thought I almost cracked it and that all I had to do was make the next size up and everything would be fine.
These are the Portfolio pants from Simplicity 2245, that sought-after out of print Lisette pattern we all know and love for its tunic / dress style.  I have had people write to me on spec asking to buy my copy and I have regretfully turned them down.
If you google the pants, you won’t find quite so much adoration.
ScruffyBadger wrote about her experience here, which led her to call them the “Miss Ellie pants”.
I was puzzled at the time, because my first pair seemed quite close-fitting and jean-like.
Ha!  This pair certainly isn’t either of those things!

Look at all that drapery!
Where did that come from?
This is what the first pair looked like:

You would not believe this was the same pattern!
Two things are different: I made the next size up (10 instead of 8); and I used a thinner fabric.  My first pair was stretch cotton, while these are stretch wool.  Just one of those changes would have been enough.

They are certainly comfortable.
But after all, that’s what slacks are meant to be.
OMG I made a pair of slacks!
Which is why I call these my “Dangerously Suitable Trousers”:  they are absolutely perfect for a 50-year old woman to wear to the office.

Pattern:  Lisette for Simplicity 2245, in size 10 (dammit), the “Portfolio pants”.
Fabric:  A lightweight wool with some stretch, from Mandors in Glasgow, from stash. It cost about £18 almost 2 years ago, I think.
Other:  An invisible zip, some woven interfacing, and thread: all from stash.

Machine-stitched blind hem – not bad!

It all went swimmingly.
The invisible zip is pretty near perfect, and I used the method from my Anemone skirt to secure the waistband oh-so-neatly.
I even used my Bernina blind-hemming foot (number 5) for the first time ever – go me!

They are just so middle-aged looking!
I set out to make a pair of “appropriate” trousers to wear to work, and boy-oh-boy did I get them!
Honestly?   They are perfectly fit for purpose. 
But they are just so bo-ring!
If I am not going to feel like Frumpy MacFrumperson, I am going to have to add some edge.
Maybe a high-low top?
An incredible funky haircut?

Massive shoes?
I may be almost 50, but I am not giving up yet!