FO: Le Top Victor, Republique du Chiffon

Bonjour mes amis!
I have been playing with French sewing patterns again.
This is the downloadable pdf “Le Top Victor” by Republique du Chiffon, available here.

You would not think it from these pictures, but I lengthened it by 5cm.
It is definitely supposed to be a cropped top!
I will spare you the out-takes where the wind flipped it right up – eek!
Being very square, it catches the breeze and there is absolutely nothing to keep it down.
This picture shows you just how square it is…

But cute?
I think so.
Which might be a problem for me.
I think I might be past the stage where I can get away with “cute”.
Mouton comme l’agneau, peut-etre?
(Mutton dressed as lamb?)

Victor by RDC, size 36
Cosmic Blue by Atelier Brunette.  I bought 2 metres from Guthrie and Ghani, which was enough for this and a squeezed-out “Top RDC” (to follow).  You could probably make it out of 1.3 metres at this length.
Because I could not bear to waste any of this fabric, I gave myself a headache trying to cut two tops out of 2 metres.  The “bonus” top may be a close fit as I had to shave off 1 cm from the back piece – tsk!
This is supposed to be a beginner-level pattern, but you do need to take special care when adding your 1cm seam allowances to the neck bands and sleeve pieces and sew really accurate seams, as the slightest difference between the outside and inside layers will cause you problems when you put them together.
This fabric shows every little pucker, and I ended up with several permanent wrinkles on my sleeve-bands – grrr!

I am really not sure what I think about the finished top.
I am wearing it here with my new jeans… and I am not sure what I think about them either!  They are not even slightly ethical (so that is not up for discussion because I feel guilty enough) and are the skinniest jeans I have ever worn.  I feel like I am wearing a pair of very thick tights.
They are “Wonderfit” jeans from George at Asda and cost £18.  I bought one pair for me and one for The Girl, both in the same size (small) because they are supposed to fit anyone from a size 8 to a size 12…and I think they probably do.
But although they are comfortable, I am out of my comfort zone.
And the same goes for the top.