FO: Kex Blanket by WestKnits

Two years, one month and one day in the making:  here at last is my completed Kex Blanket.

It is a WestKnits pattern by Stephen West, from the 2013 Westy’s Besties Knitalong.

I looked back to my original inspiration for this blanket and it still holds true.

I wanted to knit a comfort blanket, a piece of knitting to keep and use forever.

I gathered the yarn together from other Ravellers’ destashes, from ebay and from end-of-line sales.

There are 18 balls of Rowan Scottish Aran Tweed and Rowan Harris Aran Tweed in here.

I dread to think what it would have cost if the yarn had not been discontinued by the time I came to seek it out.

It was still a major investment, of both time and money.

But one I do not regret.

Not even a little bit.

The colour scheme evolved according to the yarn I was able to source.

The Heather border is echoed in the horizontal stripes, bringing coherence to what could have been a mad tartan-esque riot of mismatchiness.

It measures 1.7 metres by 1.9 metres and weighs 1.8 kilos – wow!  

It has travelled with FL and I on holidays to Ullapool and the Isle of Skye.

And it has kept me warm through three winters already, draped over my knees as I worked on it.

I was about to write that I would miss my blanket now that it is done… but that’s crazy, because it’s only now that we can make full use of it, without the danger of dropped stitches or being impaled on a needle.

It has taken up residence on the sofa, to be enjoyed as an everyday woolly luxury.
The only problem is going to be deciding whose turn it is to use it, FL or me.
We will just have to cuddle up :)