FO: Infuscate Curl

Somehow we have escaped the snow.
There is a light dusting on the hills on the horizon, but for the time being, at least, we have only bright wintry sunshine and an icy wind to contend with.
Perfect blogging weather!
I finished my first Curl last weekend.  It has been blocking all that time.

Pattern:  Infuscate by Hunter Hammersen
Yarn:  Skein Queen Oasis Grande, 50% Camel, 50% Silk in the club colour “Aristocracy”.
Needles:  4mm, US size 6
Process:  It probably took me until repeat 10 to get the hang of the stitch pattern.
Mine is 18 repeats large and used all but a tiny ball of my 400m of fingering-weight yarn.
I really struggled to distinguish between the symbols for right and left leaning decreases.  This is not a fault of the pattern or the designer.  It is symptomatic of my problems with right and left generally. My chart dyslexia slowed me down quite badly.
But once I got into the swing of it, I enjoyed seeing those lovely circular holes appear.
Their roundness fascinates me!

The yarn is very soft and luxurious.
The modelled picture shows the colour best.  It is a rich maroonish bruise sort of a hue with occasional flashes of the undyed base yarn, which adds depth and allows the colour to shift in the light.  Maybe that is down to the silk?  If you split the yarn, you can see it is not dyed to the core, but only on the surface.  This is not a complaint.  I soaked it in warm water and Soak before blocking and it didn’t lose any dye at all.

I love the asymmetry of Curls.
I enjoy playing with the drape, to bring the weight to the front for show, or round the back for warmth.
There are lots of pictures in the pattern book, showing different ways to wear your Curls.
This one is thoroughly decadent, in this fantasy yarn:  incredibly soft, slightly fluffy from the camel, and yet with a sheen from the silk.
It was supposed to be a gift.
Yeah, right!
I think it is staying with me :)