FO: Hector Socks by Rachel Coopey

Pattern:  Hector socks by Rachel Coopey from her book A Knitted Sock Society,

Yarn: YarnAddict 100% easy care merino sock yarn, from the p-hop table at the Yarn Yard knitters’ retreat at the convent in York (January 2013)

I decided to knit these in the 72-stitch (medium) size for FL’s Christmas present (sssh!)
When I cast on the first one, I was careful to note that I cast on the first stitch at the beginning of the purple stretch of dye.  The colours fell evenly across the dpns:  purple, lime, turquoise and blue, one colour on each needle.  It was so evenly dyed that the colour gently spiralled down the leg in fairly constant stripes.
However, my first attempt at sock two was a disaster. 

It was pooling in great muddy puddles of colour.  Yuck.
I hoped that it might sort itself out if I just kept knitting… but no.
So it had to come out.
For the life of me, I still don’t know what went wrong – maybe one section of the yarn wasn’t quite as evenly-measured when it was dyed?
So on my next attempt I made sure that the colours were progressing across the needles one by one.
And it worked.
Although the socks are not identical, they both have similar spirals.

It’s a really fun pattern to knit.
The leg is lacy, but not too girly.  Once you get past the heel turn, it is a simple but interesting rib, which works up really quickly and doesn’t need too much attention.  Perfect knitting for a waiting room or watching tv in the evening.

I will definitely knit this pattern again.
The finished socks are super-stretchy and really soft – perfect for FL, though he might tell me they are too short for winter!
Yes, that is snow.  Sigh.
I took these pictures on Tuesday morning.
And where are my winter tyres?
On the back seat of my car.
That will teach me for being too lazy to go out and get them fitted at the weekend.
So my car has had to be left at the foot of the hill, and I have to hike over the fields to the house in my wellies.
And what about FL’s car?
On Tuesday night he got stuck half-way up the farm road, wedged into the snowy bank with fused electrics.  As he struggles to walk far, this was a problem.  We had to call a friendly tractor-driver to come and pull him over the hill… oh, sorry – yes I do mean in his car!
Why are our lives so complicated?!